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It is possible to stop smoking now- get the e cigarette!


People usually take the resolutions to quit smoking at the beginning of every New Year, but this will not come true because stopping the smoking habit is actually a highly tough task. Quitting the habit is hard; this is because of the nicotine content and the carcinogens that are present in the tobacco of the real cigarette. This addiction causes a lot of health issues like lung cancer, tuberculosis, stroke, heart attack and sometimes even death. People nowadays are having the high awareness about this issue and are trying to quit the smoking habit. But this is where the trouble begins; the resolutions are alive in just words alone. The developers have understood this trouble and are trying to invent the most effective products to help quitting the smoke habit. This has lead to the number of products like nicotine gums and patches that promises to the quit smoking gradually. But apart from these, the highly effective and the innovative device that help the people in quitting smoke gradually is the electronic cigarette which is the major hit product in the industry. Many people recommend the e cigarettes are more effective than any other products. These consist of ejuice or eliquid that contains the nicotine, glycol, glycerin and added flavors.

What is e liquid?

The eliquid or ejuice is actually the nicotine liquid that additionally contains the propylene glycol, glycerin and some flavors like raspberry, blueberry, and vanilla and so on. This is filled in the nicotine cartridge of the e cigarette, which when inhaled produces the nicotine vapor. This conversion is possible because of the tiny battery which is present in the e cigarette. Moreover, the e cigarette is designed exactly like the real cigarette; it produces the orange glow when the user uses it. This nicotine vapor is not as harmful as the smoke that comes from the real cigarette, this is because, and it does not contain any carcinogens which are produced as when the tobacco is inhaled. The nicotine cartridges are also available in various sizes; thus, smoking can be stopped by using the smaller sizes from the beginning. This will not even give the feel like you are quitting the habit.